About Us

Definitely Human makes podcasts. To date we have made four shows:

Our first show was The Bunker, a scripted radio show about storytelling set in a post apocalyptic wasteland. The series finished in April 2015 with a Christmas special wrapping it all up in 2016.

Our second show is MarsCorp, a sitcom set on a dysfunctional terraforming colony. The 12 episodes of series one were released between July and September 2016. We are currently raising money on Patreon to make season 2.

Our third show is The Infinite Bad, a comedy horror role playing podcast. Part one, which featured six episodes, came out between July and August 2017. Part two is out September 2017 with future instalments planned.

Our fourth show is the biscuit review podcast the International Worldwide Global Biscuit Review Podcast. This started in July 2017 and will have new episodes coming out every fortnight until whenever.

Definitely Human is kept going by David Knight, David Price, Tom Dalling and Maxamillian John (as well as many other actors, artists, musicians and general contributors).

Producing the various shows takes a lot of time from a lot of people, and it wouldn’t be possible without people supporting us on Patreon. You can show some love for the shows and get exclusive extra content by becoming a Patron today.

If you want to get in touch with us for any reason check out the Contact Us page.

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We are probably human.