About Us

Definitely Human makes podcasts. To date we have made nine shows across a number of genres and formats.

Our shows have been featured in magazines from Wired and New Scientist to Vogue and Women’s Health, and in online publications such as The AV Club. A perennial feature of the Apple Podcasts front page, we’ve won awards, lost awards, and topped the Apple charts throughout the last eight years.

In 2014 we cut our teeth on The Bunker, a fictional, scripted radio show about storytelling set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The 12-part series finished in April 2015 with a Christmas Special wrapping it all up in 2016.

In 2016 we made MarsCorp, a sci-fi sitcom set on a dysfunctional terraforming colony. The 12 episodes of Season 1 were released between July and September, with a spin-off show, MarsCorp: Human Capital in 2017. We are currently in production of the second season, which will conclude the story.

Our third show was The Infinite Bad, a comedy-horror roleplaying podcast set in the 1920s. The first adventure of six episodes started releasing in July 2017. The show ran weekly for six adventures, comprising 65 actual play episodes and scripted mini-episodes. The grand finale came out in September 2018.

The International Worldwide Global Biscuit Review Podcast also started in July 2017, a chat podcast that released every week for six months. With Christmas and New Year Specials, the thrilling first season passed definitive judgement on 22 varieties of biscuit and an assortment of mince pies.

Our lust for podcasts reaching peak intensity, in 2018 we absorbed The Monster Hunters, a comedy-horror adventure series inspired by British horror films of the ’60s and ’70s. Still written by the original creators, we now produce the show and take on marketing and design duties.

Show number six began in July 2019, a fantasy-comedy roleplaying podcast called Pax Fortuna! Set in the only merchant republic in a feudal world of high fantasy, the first season took in six adventures over half a year.

Our seventh show was Down, a sci-fi drama (that’s right: drama) about an expedition into a newly-discovered Antarctic trench, the deepest ever seen. A state-of-the-art submarine has been staffed by five experienced scientists and ocean experts, and nothing can possibly go wrong. The first episode came out in January 2020, and the show released weekly for six months. Sort of.

In 2021 we released Back to Earth, a documentary lifestyle show chronicling London fashion designer Charlie May’s journey as she goes back to her roots and takes over her family’s farm. In weekly episodes she interviews local figures, traces her family’s history, and explains the ins and outs of daily life in the Devonshire countryside.

We also launched Hello Humans in 2021, a pick-n-mix collection of one-off episodes and inadvisable experiments. This is where we let loose with no remit, where episodes can be any length, genre, or state of coherency. All fiction, all stupid.

Definitely Human is kept going by Maxamillian John and David Knight, as well as many other actors, artists, and musicians.

Producing all these shows takes a lot of time from a lot of people, and it wouldn’t be possible without the support of our subscribers on Patreon. You can show some love for the shows and get a lot of exclusive extra content by becoming a Patron today. We honestly couldn’t do it without you.

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