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A new supervisor, E.L. Hob, is sent to humanity’s one and only colony on Mars in 2072. When she wakes up, she finds the people living there have a culture that’s totally alien to her, but one she must live with and manage in order to complete the vital mission to terraform the planet.

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MarsCorp is a scripted, full-cast comedy sci-fi podcast. Season 1, which features 12 episodes, was released between July and September 2016. Since then we’ve released the MarsCorp: Human Capital spin-off series, Christmas and Halloween specials, and the six-part Martin Chronicles.

The second season of MarsCorp is currently in production.

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Robert Benedetti-Hall
Ailsa Dalling – Kim Page
Tom Dalling – Tom Dalling
Jon Day – Baxter, Brian Durant
Penelope Day – Dan Bungle, Maple Florentine
Mark Desebrock – Colin Denham
Amelie Edwards – Hayley Barrett
Derek Elwood – Martin Mann
Susanna Gordon – Jo Grey, Sue Wolfe
Luke Georgewill – Zack Gusman, Johari Ismail
Piers Hunt – Paul Honeycutt
Maxamillian John – Maxamillian John, BarberBot
David Kallo – John Smith
Mark Keegan – Simon Badcocke, Baines
David Knight – David Knight
Jack Lee – BusinessBot
EJ Martin – Anika Wainwright, Ursula Atkins-Lockley
Lexie McDougall – Bonnie Clarke
Alex Mew – Chris Eveson
James Naylor – Mark Garner, Clay, Oliver Durant
David Price – Dave Price
Laila Pyne – Carol Barqawi
Molly Small – Jessica Horn
Max Sterne – Adam Summers, Ian Garner
Emma Stirling – Chip Dalling, Grace Rogers
Marysia Trembecka – Donna Page
Katie Turner – Dawn Cox
Lucas Tyldesley – Tiny Martin
Rosa Tyldesley – Tiny Hob
Max Upton – Eric Lyon
Graham Vick – Steve Church, Bernard Egg
Helen Watkinson – E. L. Hob
Matthew Woodcock – Jim Lake

Jon Day
Jonny Phethean
Ben Osborn
Joshua Empyre –
John Molesworth
The Amorettes –
Kevin Macleod –
Shooby Taylor –

MarsCorp Season 1 written, produced and edited by Tom Dalling, David Knight, and David Price.
MarsCorp: Human Capital written by Maxamillian John and David Knight, and produced and edited by David Knight and Tom Dalling.



Episode artwork by Eric Chow. MarsCorp spaceman logo by Jack Lee.