The Bunker – Artwork and Credits

The Bunker All Your Friends Are Dead

All artwork for The Bunker was done by our amazing long time collaborator Jack Lee – Check out more of his work here.

Episode Artwork



Robert Benedetti Hall
Anne Bird
Pippa Caddick
Claire Carreno
Jonathan Day
Amelie Edwards
Derek Elwood
Juliet de Gannes
Luke Georgewill
Piers Hunt
Daniel James
Maxamillian John
David Kallo
Ben Keenan
Alexis McDougall
James Naylor
Elizabeth Ollier
George Pierce
Laila Pyne
Samantha Rea
Megan Rogers
Sean Ruttledge
Rebecca Silverstein
Molly Small
Caroline Spencer
Max Sterne
Emma Stirling
Marysia Trembecka
Katie Turner
Helen Watkinson
Emily Wilden
Joanne Wong
Matthew Woodcock
Lee Yan Chak



Keir Doherty
Jonathan Day
Call Me Greenhorn
Ben Osborn
Tom Dalling
David Marc Alterman
Too Much Coffee
Rob Hunter
Harold-Alexis Scheffel
Tom Popperwell
Ian Wynne
Sam Sandwich
Mr Blazey
The Amorettes



Tom Dalling
David Knight



David Knight
David Price
Maxamillian John
Nina Scott
Alex Mew



David Knight
David Price
Tom Dalling



Ep 1 – ‘The Raven’s Skull,’ an old folk story. Performed by Tim Dalling.
Ep 2 – ‘It’s Over’. Performed by Ben Keenan.
Ep 3 – ‘The Island In The Sun’, an old Chinese tale. Performed by David Heathfield.
Ep 5 – ‘The Monster Hunters: The Hand of Anubi’. Written and performed by Matthew Woodcock and Peter Davis.
Ep 6 – ‘The Old General Wept’, written by Ben Osborn. Performed by Alexis McDougall.
Ep 7 – ‘Song For Ulvaak’ by Cossbysweater (Allison Goertz).
Ep 8 – ‘What The Moon Brings’ by H.P. Lovecraft. Performed by Helen Watkinson.
Ep 10 – ‘The Mouse, The Bird and The Sausage’, by Brothers Grimm. Performed by Pippa Caddick.
Ep 11 – ‘I Am Dog’, by David Knight. Performed by the cast.



Ep 1 – Mikey Please – Animator and filmmaker.
Ep 2 – Stuart Laws – Comedian and filmmaker.
Ep 3 – Jonathan Day – Musician and songwriter.
Ep 4 – Catie Wilkins – writer, comedian and award nominated children’s author.
Ep 5 – David Fedele – documentary and filmmaker.
Ep 6 – Derek Elwood
Ep 7 – Giorgio Mariani – Dungeon Master
Ep 8 – India Rose – Brand strategist and content developer.
Ep 10 – Tom Swarbrick – Journalist
Ep 11 – Musicbot (Kevin MacLeod