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Multicoloured collage of Oreo cookies

The internet’s number one database of biscuit reviews [citation needed]. Click the biscuit name to listen to the episode on Acast.

1McVitie's Milk Chocolate DigestiveChocolate DigestiveDP: 2
DK: 2
DP: 3.5
DK: 4
DP: 5
DK: 5
DP: 10.5
DK: 11
"Very dry" "rubbish chocolate" "A biscuit for fucking casuals"
2OreosOreo cookieDP: 4
DK: 3.5
DP: 2.5
DK: 2.5
DP: 1
DK: 1
DP: 7.5
DK: 7
"The peak of biscuit technology" "Holy shit, man. This is blowing my mind a bit" "God bless America"
3Hob NobsHob Nob biscuitDP: 1
DK: 1
DP: 1
DK: 1
DP: 1
DK: 1
DP: 3
DK: 3
"A Talented Mr Ripley biscuit" "A hipster Digestive" "We've been nobbled"
4Bourbon CreamsBourbon Cream biscuitDP: 2
DK: 2.5
DP: 4
DK: 2.5
DP: 3
DP: 2.5
DP: 9
DK: 7.5

Can I suggest a biscuit to review?

Yes! Whether we’ll review it or not is another question. Anything you suggest needs to be publically available (i.e. we’re not reviewing your sweet old grandmother’s homemade biscuits. Also we heard they’re bad).

We’re more likely to choose a biscuit you suggest if there’s something interesting about it (e.g. it’s v popular in your country, has weird ingredients, etc…).

Can I send you biscuits?

While we’re sure every single listener is a good, decent person we also suspect you might all be members of the Illuminati/Nestle who are out to get us. So thank you, but please don’t send us anything to eat.

Are biscuits and cookies the same thing?

Yeah sure, why not.

What are your views on the Jaffa Cake question?

Private. For now…

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