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Definitely Human is a totally independent outfit (in case you hadn’t already worked that out) and while we make a tiny bit of money from ads on the shows, we rely hugely on people contributing through Patreon.

The money we make through this allows us to pay our actors, people who do our artwork and our musicians for what they do on the shows. It also allows David, David, Tom and Max to pay themselves a bit.

We manage all this through the website Patreon. This allows supporters to set up a monthly donation from as little as $1 or to just donate once. It’s super simple to use and it’s easy to alter donation levels if you ever want to pitch in more or less.

In return for supporting Definitely Human you’ll not only get a warm fuzzy feeling when you listen to the shows, which we will be able to continue making thanks to you, you’ll also get exclusive access to premium content.

This includes things like the MarsCorp Company Culture weekly audio diaries from the characters, Jim, David, Dave and Tom, the Bitesize segment from the IWGBRP, which features an extra 30mins of content from each episode, plus loads more extras we’ve got planned for the future.

Aside from this audio content there are loads of other tidbits like behind the scenes info on how we made the shows, weekly updates on what we’re working on and a monthly Q&A with David, David, Tom and Max.

So if our shows have ever helped you get through a boring journey/afternoon/marriage then any love you can show will be hugely appreciated and will help ensure we can keep making stuff.

If you can’t toss us some clams (we know money can be tight. Oh buy do we know that), then we’d really appreciate it if you can share the shows you like on social media and leave a review wherever you got the show, which will help us reach more people.

Find out more about how you can help Definitely Human on Patreon today.